Thursday, December 23, 2010

Extra, Extra... READ All About It!

My encounters with bookstores or libraries are vague, but I can remember a great experience during my early educational years. A few times throughout the year, my school would host the Scholastic Book Fair. During this time, books, toys, and posters were set up in the library for about a week, and each class was given an opportunity to explore the fair early in the week. Attending these fairs and seeing the new books being sold influenced me to save up money for the fairs, during which I bought some of my favorite books. Deepening my knowledge of reading was one benefit of these stores as I collected new pieces every year. As a result, I (even today as a young adult), get overly excited when I see posters announcing a future fair in a school because I remember the pleasure that I experienced when reading my new books. Most of the books that I bought were the ones that lead to my obsession of reading. Today, as a valued reader, I enjoy buying new books to add to my collection that has accumulated throughout the years.

For my future classroom, I hope to use these book fairs for my students. Not for personal reading pleasure, but for the purpose of buying teaching resources and books that may prove to be useful for my students. With the resources and books for the students, I hope to develop lessons and carry books that derive interest from my students. Also, I want my students to feel as motivated as I was to buy books that not only are related to classroom topics, but can improve the reading skills of students and heighten their concern with school.

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  1. This is a great idea! I think that the key to getting students to read in any area is to find things that they like to read. Using this approach can certainly help with that!


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